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NO MORE XP REWARD. At one stage, character like McGreggor or Tawny will stop giving you xp reward. Read it from Quest under McGreggor and Tawny.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Game Center ID

If you wish to share your Game Center ID, please write it down on the comment box. Remember readers, only Game Center ID :) Thank you!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three-Stars Abnormality

If your monster suddenly got three stars when it supposed not to, and then the monster maturity bar (the small yellow line) refused to go any further, you have nothing to worry about. Your monster is actually still on two stars level but the indicator prematurely showing three stars. Keep raising your monster normally. Your maturity bar will start moving again when your monster is already reach (the real) three stars.

Things You Should Know But You Don't (SUPPORT THE GAME)

Please share a few seconds to write AGREE or DISAGREE on the comment after you read this post:

Do you know if completing an egg request from your friend is rewarding? If you complete an egg request from friend, you will get some XP as your reward. The problem is, you won't notice that. You also won't know the amount of XP you will earn or have earned from completing friend's request. Also, do you know how many XP you have so far? Do you know how many XP you need to gain a level? These are the things that we are entitled to know but we don't because there is no clear indication about all of these.

So, do you agree if these are included on the next Monster Pet Shop update?
  • Have numerical indicator apart from the green bar indicator for level so we can track our progress.
  • Show how many XP we will get from completing friend's request on Friends Activity tab.
(another suggestion regarding XP from SheaberToothTiger)
  • Adoption history shows both purchase price and XP gained.
  • Amount of XP received when a monster level up and XP shoots behind it.
  • Much clearer information about XP gained when hatching a new unknown monster (if any).

After i receive enough responses, i will notify Beeline. Let's show them that we all love Monster Pet Shop so much. That's why we want the game to be better and better from time to time :)

Thank you all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Habitat Experiment

There are so many fancy-looking habitat designs in the game. The question is "Any particular benefit apart from looking different than your neighbours?" You will find the answer here. As always, feel free to conduct your own experiment.

EXPERIMENT #1: Basic Dirt Habitat vs Pedestal Habitat

I hatched two Horned Steve almost at the same time (only FOURTY seconds gap). I placed one Steve in the basic dirt habitat and i placed another one in the expensive looking pedestal habitat. Just before they reached maturity (four stars/age where they can make eggs), i took two screenshots and here are the results:

Basic Dirt Habitat
Pedestal Habitat

There is a difference between them but it's not significant at all. Honestly, for me, this difference is too small to be taken into account. So, my (temporary) conclusion is, habitat that available for gold coin purchase provide very small breeding benefit but makes your shop looks different. To reach full conclusion, i need to conduct one more experiment using habitat that only available for purchase using Monster Berries. It will take a while though, so you don't need to stay tune in front of your screen :D


EXPERIMENT #2: Basic Habitat vs Premium Habitat
I made another experiment using two Stripey Chuffles. I placed one on the basic grass habitat and another one on the Glass Ring Habitat, a premium habitat that only available for 30 Monster Berries.

Same method as Experiment #1 and here is the result:

Basic Grass Habitat

Premium/Glass Ring Habitat
At the same time, Chuffle on premium habitat advance faster to three-stars compared with Chuffle on basic habitat. In the end, Chuffle on the premium habitat mature faster than Chuffle on the basic habitat:

Basic Grass Habitat
Premium/Glass Ring Habitat
If i recall correctly, Chuffle on premium habitat mature 15 - 20 minutes faster than the one on the basic habitat. The verdict, fancy habitat does affect your breeding time. Also, i'm pretty sure that breeding time is reduced using percentage-based calculation (example: -20% breeding time) instead of time-based calculation (example: -20 minutes breeding time). So, if you breed a lengthy monster such as Marinna or Snorker, the number of minutes you will save could be greater than just 15 - 20 minutes. To prove this, i will do the third experiment in the near future.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shop Exterior & Interior

Basic Shop / Free / Available lvl. 1
Wizard's Keep / $30 or 2 Monster Berries / Available lvl. don't remember

Gothic Chamber / $50 or 3 Monster Berries / Available lvl. 7

Dungeon Chic / $75 or 4 Monster Berries / Available lvl. don't remember

Space Case / $150 or 8 Monster Berries / Available lvl. 11

Monster Mash-Up / $250 or 12 Monster Berries / Available lvl. 13

Haunted House / $200 or 10 Monster Berries / Available at any lvl (Special Edition for Halloween)

Saloon / $300 or 14 Monster Berries / Available lvl. 15

Steampunk / $500 or 30 Monster Berries / Available lvl. 17

Co-contributor: SheaberToothTiger